Our firm’s Liquor Licensing Group represents corporate clients such as restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and retail establishments as well as manufacturing and wholesale operations.  Our attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of liquor laws in Hawaii and the experience to assist clients with liquor-related matters including new liquor license applications and resolution of any type of liquor law violation.

Our services include:


  • Preparing and obtaining new liquor licenses for restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and golf courses as well as applying for manufacturing or wholesale liquor licenses
  • Assisting with the transfer of existing liquor licenses and obtaining temporary licenses
  • Preparing and obtaining special event liquor licenses
  • Advising on liquor laws , operations and annual filings
  • Representing clients at hearings before the Liquor Commission including Preliminary, Public and Adjudication hearings
  • Advising clients on establishing businesses under current state laws, including registering businesses and procuring necessary permits and licenses to conduct business in Hawaii