KS&G advises condominium and community associations on compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.  

We also represent the interests of condominium and community associations in transactional and enforcement matters, including:


  • Drafting, amending, analyzing and enforcing association documents such as articles of incorporation, declarations, by-laws and house rules.
  • Prosecuting and defending claims on behalf of associations.
  • Collecting outstanding assessments.
  • Advising boards of directors on compliance with federal and state statutes such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act, Hawaii’s Discrimination in Real Property Transactions Act, and others.
  • Advising boards of directors on day-to-day operations, including interpretation of and compliance with Chapters 514A and 514B of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (and accompanying regulations).
  • Providing boards of directors with regular monthly status updates of delinquent accounts, relevant changes in the law and other pertinent issues.
  • Attending board meetings to provide on-the-spot legal advice and guidance.